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13 Mar Intro to Understanding Context

From Information To Knowledge To move from the information age into the age of knowledge with any efficiency, the ways automated devices handle content must change. It’s automated devices instead of computers, because the phenomenon of automated information processing is evolving very rapidly, leaving us with a huge choice of devices. But, we still have the same old information processing techniques […]

20 Aug Two Rights and a Village: Social Communication

Dialog Chalice

To Win a Point When we communicate, we often use persuasive language and/or logic to win a point. This happens all the time in political campaigns. As an example, the conservative presidential campaign recently took umbrage when the liberal incumbent stated that successful entrepreneurs need a community of people to succeed. The conservatives felt that […]

15 Aug MIPUS and Association Neurons

Coordinating Areas in the Cerebrum

Association Neurons ==> Coordination Association Neurons are tied to motor neurons, though they are much more numerous (30 to 1 ratio). They have multiple roles depending on where in the nervous system they are found. Innovateus has a convenient primer on this category of nerve cell. To understand the importance of association neurons, consider the plight […]

01 Aug Section 6 Intro – Language and Dialog

Speak 2 U 3

Dialog: Is this something limited to humans – to sentient beings? Natural Language, its components, acquisition, and use are the subjects of this sixth section of the Understanding Context blog. Here, you will find theories about communication and cognition, along with descriptions of computational approaches to analyzing and automatically generating human language and dialog using computers. […]