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22 Jun [Hockney 1988]

21 Jun [McChrystal 2015]

01 Jul Chaos About Us

Fractal Flower

Chaos About Us Chaos is all about us. I know that for certain each time I look into my kids’ rooms. When I recall my own youth, however, it occurs to me that I had a reason for the way I organized my life. It seemed meaningful to me, and although I recall how difficult it was […]

07 Jun Finding a Tree in the Forest

Forest Trees

Complex Search Finding the information you need can be a problem, particularly when you have to look through tons (or terabytes) of data. I recall when geocaching first became popular. The idea that a technology could create a model for an entertaining activity that connects people in unusual ways is quite diverting. Will it still be popular […]

31 Mar [Davidson 2003]

19 Mar At the Edge of Possibility

Analog Meter

Does the universe of probability have boundaries? Are there physical laws that control all phenomena, or is there a mystical, capricious random power out there that is not subject to the laws of physics? Is anything impossible? Physical laws are responsible for thresholds. Let us presume, for a moment, that probability is subject to one overriding […]

18 Mar Monkeys with Typewriters at the Threshold

Threshold of Possibility

Monkeys and Machines What’s wrong with the random Hamlet? When is the last time you’ve seen monkeys with typewriters? First of all, we must ask if there is anything that is perfectly random. If there is, and it is not influenced by any physical law, then the asymptotic theory of random probability is valid, and […]

15 Mar The Random Hamlet

Office Monkey

For building an automated language understanding and translation system, I believe that adding random factors to the model for “fuzzy” reasoning is needed and important. The questions are:  How do we use random factors to improve the outcomes of the process? Where do we insert random factors into the model? How do we implement random […]

14 Mar That’s so Random!

Random Hairdo

Random Probability Theory Some things are difficult to predict, and some are nearly impossible to predict. The further a thing gets from predictable, the more nearly it approaches randomness. It may seem silly to try to define chaos or randomness or anything that spends its entire existence trying to defy definition, but some of us […]

25 Oct Chaos and Order, Fractals and Language Power

Fractals may appear chaotic when viewed from a distance, but they exhibit recognizable patterns or mirrored structures when viewed up close. So, too, there is a distance we humans must travel from the chaotic structure of a thought to the regular structure of a meaningful dialog made of symbols in the form of audible words and body language. […]