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09 Mar [Chisholm 2004]

28 Jul The Democratization of Knowledge

Background Thought

Joe Roushar – July 2012 Knowledge is Power Knowledge is concentrated in too few people (Boyle 1996). People in privileged countries and classes have all they want. Many others don’t know what they don’t know. A huge project called One Laptop Per Child is seeking to remedy this one child at a time. This is one […]

12 Jul [Wysocki 1997]

11 Jul [Hilbert 2011]

30 Jun Gamification – The Future


Ain’t no Passin’ Thing… Were you one of the brilliant prognosticators that said that the mouse (pointing device) was a fad and would never catch on, or that iPads wouldn’t catch on, or that the world would max out at, say, five computers? Some may scoff at the value of gamification of computer software – but they must […]

22 May [Plato 1952]

12 May [Adams 1996]

08 Mar Bibliography