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03 Aug Exformation vs. Subtext

gutenberg press

Many of us humans like to congregate and communicate. Much of our communication, including this blog, is intended to be shared widely and to persist beyond the moment, whether we are attempting to share the thought of the moment, or change the course of human history.  When we congregate, whether for a TED talk, a […]

14 Jul Understanding Subtext

If human interaction were simple and straightforward, computers would have been able to do a credible job of imitating it years ago. Examples of simple interaction machines, including the Rogerian Psycho-therapist named Eliza and the question answerer named Watson, show that computer algorithms can do pretty well at some interaction tasks. If all human interactions […]

11 Jul [Hilbert 2011]

25 Jun A World of Chaos

A World of Chaos We are inundated with information, with virtually no limit on our capacity to produce more. I brought this up in the beginning of the introduction. Since the invention of the printing press a few centuries ago (circa 1447), thinkers and postulators have been able to share information much more effectively (something […]

21 Jun The Coming Revolution


Another Revolution in  Computing – Knowledge Processing Where cognition and computation converge…the brink of the coming revolution? As James Bailey puts it, “The reason today’s electronic computers seem benign is that the true electronic revolution has not happened yet.” Bailey compares our current phase of computerization to the stage of history “when muscle tasks were […]

11 Jun Dawn of The Age of Knowledge

Age of Knowledge

Sunset in The Information Age We stand in the waning days of the Information Age. Certainly the information already available to the searching mind through printed, recorded, and encoded electronic media spans the universe of fact and imagination. I have been told that we are now entering the Age of Context. This is exciting to […]

09 Jun What’s the Point (of this blog)?

Digital Brain

Knowledge Glut? Too many of us are stuck on the on-ramp of the information superhighway, waiting to get on.  The highway seems to be moving from my vantage point, but there is this guy stopped at the top of the ramp. Sometimes you just have to get out and walk. By the way, this photo shows […]

09 Jun AI Apps and Processes

Apps Section Logo

09 Jun Cybernetic Modeling

09 Jun Perception and Cognition

Sensory Perception