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01 Jul Chaos About Us

Fractal Flower

Chaos About Us Chaos is all about us. I know that for certain each time I look into my kids’ rooms. When I recall my own youth, however, it occurs to me that I had a reason for the way I organized my life. It seemed meaningful to me, and although I recall how difficult it was […]

08 Apr Symmetrical Logic and Lineage

Morpho Butterfly

Symmetry may not immediately appear as a principle of logic or reason, but it should. In mathematics we learn the commutative and associative properties of addition and multiplication. These represent a mirror-like symmetry. Symmetry, or invariance against change, is a fundamental principle of physics and an underlying assumption driving some logical decisions. Causality, for example, […]

25 Jun A World of Chaos

A World of Chaos We are inundated with information, with virtually no limit on our capacity to produce more. I brought this up in the beginning of the introduction. Since the invention of the printing press a few centuries ago (circa 1447), thinkers and postulators have been able to share information much more effectively (something […]