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24 Jul Pattern Classification in Space

Deep Space over the Water

Pattern Classification Visual patterns can be recognized and classified based on prior knowledge: I see that this hairy animal has four legs and is about the same size as my dog, so I’ll assume it is (or classify it as) a dog. This may not be a correct classification, but it’s more correct than classifying it […]

08 Apr Symmetrical Logic and Lineage

Morpho Butterfly

Symmetry may not immediately appear as a principle of logic or reason, but it should. In mathematics we learn the commutative and associative properties of addition and multiplication. These represent a mirror-like symmetry. Symmetry, or invariance against change, is a fundamental principle of physics and an underlying assumption driving some logical decisions. Causality, for example, […]

12 Mar Building a Concept Hierarchy

Learn Categorize Connect

Existential knowledge, our knowledge of things that exist, is hierarchical. In other words, we categorize things into classes. Objects in these classes form the content of our thoughts. We have heard about the phylogenetic tree, the “tree of life” or the system of biological classification. This is a beautiful example of a regular taxonomy (irregular might have […]