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06 Aug Data Convergence at Velocity

Volume Velocity and Variety

Joe Roushar – August 2015 Knowledge workers in all types of organizations need information in internal (to the organization) databases, intranet sites and documents, as well as information in external databases, web pages and documents. The promise of data convergence includes the lofty goal of providing, from a single request, structured and unstructured information from both internal […]

08 May Three-Dimensional Model of Language

Syntax Morphology Tense

Topographical maps of concepts in a text provide useful views of language. Fortuna et al in Semantic Knowledge Management (pp. 155-169) describe how three-dimensional topic maps can both give meaningful insights into clusters of related content, such as news stories or published papers. I have frequently stressed the importance of concept associations in the brain, in cognitive […]

14 Apr Translation: Inverted Communication

Translation Symmetry

Lately I’ve been concentrating on modeling communicative skills. Whether speaking, signing, gesturing or writing, we begin with intent and wrap symbols around the intent or message to encode it. Translating and encrypting start with a fully encoded message, and unwrap it, before rewrapping it in a different form that is intended to preserve the original intent. Translation is an application […]