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05 Jan Another Great Year in Cyberspace

2015 promises to be a good one. Going into the year we see massive progress in the “big data” movement ushering in unparalleled convergence of structured and unstructured content. I am seeing more model-based solutions, and broader use of semantics and ontologies in enterprise solutions. Mobile apps are getting smarter all the time with time and space context leading to tailored interactions. This is all good, though not without potential privacy and security challenges.

Happy New Year 2015

Understanding Context Cross-Reference
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 Table of Context

Mobile and social activity have opened the door for companies, especially retail and others with customer facing online presence, to adapt to customers’ increasing expectations with richer, better performing capabilities that delight users.

Digital Flight PathsAs we learn more about the past, and even about cultural differences in different societies of today, I am beginning to see more understanding and tolerance and less speed to harsh judgment and criticism. I am working hard to be more enlightened in that way as well, and I perceive that 2015 may see more movement toward global understanding and cooperation, and less energy wasted on censure. Globalization of knowledge will continue to be a vehicle for rational reconsideration of historical events, practices and phenomena, hopefully enabling the human race to cohere a bit better through mutual understanding and cooperation. Healthy, contextual interchange of ideas over electronic media, especially the internet, can be a major contributor in this context.

I’m expecting a great year in Cyberspace.

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