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27 Jun actionable information

Focus EyeInformation that can be acted upon without further analysis. One distinction between “information” and “knowledge” is that information is characterized by associated data elements combined to add meaningfulness, while knowledge is characterized by actionability: the ability to make immediate decisions and take action without seeking additional information or performing complex analyses. As such, the intrinsic value of actionable information is the reduction in time from consumption to realization of value.

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  1. […] leaving it up to workers to gather facts and perform complex analytical work based on little or no “actionable” information. While we want core systems to provide stable transactions and information management functions, we […]

  2. […] While the accessibility of arbitrary quantities of information has skyrocketed, the amount of effort needed to understand it (derive meaning), specifically chemicals and electrical impulses splashing around in the brain, hasn’t changed much with the advent of computers. Translating lists of numbers to visualizations does reduce the brain power required to interpret statistics, and is important in society and business. But computers are capable of much more when bits and bytes are converted into meaningful and actionable knowledge. […]

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