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14 Nov digital consumability

digital-owl-3Consumability is predictably ambiguous. IBM uses the term to mean “assets available on machines in a LoadLeveler® cluster.” but consumability means “a client’s complete experience with a technology solution beginning with buying the right product to updating it.” This is not what I’m talking about. Digital consumability, in the context of this blog, is a property of digital information involving formats accessible to multiple systems and processes (such as heuristics) that may benefit from it. This means that systems that didn’t create it and don’t manage it can get it and use it to bring some value. Many Legacy computing systems are unable to adapt their behavior based on consuming external data. But as more “services”, micro-services, and cognitive computing systems arise in an IT ecosystem where API’s facilitate interconnections between systems, the importance of rich consumable digital information increases, and creates opportunities to add intelligence to existing processes.

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  1. […] component of which is contextualized meaning. These products do that by providing structure and consumability to meaning, which is, by the way, the only path to actionable knowledge. I’ll explain more […]

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