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19 Jan Theories on Microtubules’ Function in Thought

Microtubules in the Cytoskeleton

Microtubule Functions Continuing to look inside neurons for the knowledge storage and processing mechanisms, let’s consider what Microtubules do. Microtubules serve many clearly identified functions. These functions include acting as structural members of the cytoskeleton, providing cellular orientation, and guiding membrane and cytoplasmic movements. In addition to these known functions, there is evidence that suggests […]

27 Dec Cytoskeleton Components in Cognition


A Neuron’s Skeleton Unlike the external structure of many spheroid and amorphous cells, the external structure of neurons is complex and rigidly determined. As you may remember from earlier posts, the many different types of neurons residing in particular cortical strata (in layers of the gray and white matter) each have distinctive characteristics that enable […]