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12 Jul Anatomy of Insight: Prediction and Qualitative BI

Anatomy of Insight

Joe Roushar – July 2018 Not just any body Body is a versatile word as it has broad application. In the context of astronomy, we describe celestial bodies. In topographical mapping, there are bodies of water. But in my interactions, I most often encounter “body” in the context of human physiology. The word, “body” implies […]

30 Nov Architecting Meaningful Relationships


Joe Roushar – November 2016 Getting the Knowledge Out How do you know — anything? Chemicals and electrical impulses splash around in the brain, and voila: we understand the meaning of life, the universe and everything. We have looked at how synapses connect neurons, and how taxonomical and other associations connect concepts, but is it […]

02 Aug What is a Set: Multiple Meanings in Digital Lingo

Set in Volleyball

Polysemy What is the meaning of “bump” or “set” or “spike”? Polysemy means multiple meanings, or semantic representations for a single word or phrase. In digital Lingo, that is ones and zeros, we have the ultimate example of minimal symbolic diversity delivering infinite possible meanings. Fortunately human languages give you more than two choices of symbols, […]