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10 Mar computer

  1. Circuit BoardA mechanical device used to automatically process data (not your brain – it’s different)
  2. A Programmable Calculator
  3. A mobile phone or Pad device (iPad/Android)
  4. The thing that keeps your car, refrigerator, wristwatch and heart rhythm running

Such ubiquitous devices usually contain one or more Central Processing Units (CPUs) with the possible addition of other processors specialized in numerical, graphical or audio tasks.

Arguably, the more a computerized device can do, the more the computer is just a component of the thing, like your car or household robot. Eventually the focus on computers should fade into history and we will simply have intelligent controllers and communicators that help bind us together in ever smarter ways.

Keywords References
tools AI programming
GUI algorithms
architecture automata
software computing
RAM formalisms
program logic
design rules

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