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Bibliography LogoArtificial Intelligence (AI) Modeling

The following references apply to Artificial Intelligence modeling and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.

Understanding Context Bibliographic References by Topic
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Barr 1981 The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 1
Barr 1982 The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 2
Barr 1989 The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 4
Bobrow 1975 Representation and Understanding
Cambria 2009 Common Sense Computing: From the Society of the Mind to Digital Intuition and Beyond
Carpenter 1988 The ART of Adaptive Pattern Recognition by a Self-Organizing Neural Network
Cercone 1984 Artificial Intelligence: Underlying Assumptions and Basic Objectives
Charniak 1987 Artificial Intelligence Programming
Cohen 1982 The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 3
Cottrell 1987 Image Compression by Back Propagation: A Demonstration of Extensional Programming
Elman 1988 Finding Structure in Time
Feldman 1982 Connectionist Models and Their Properties
Fodor 1983 The Modularity of Mind: An Essay on Faculty Psychology
Golden 1988 A Unified Framework for Connectionist Systems
Haley 2008 Goals and backward chaining using the Rete Algorithm 
Hammond 1970 Introduction to the Statistical Method
Hebb 1949 The Organization of Behavior
Hinton 1984 Boltzman Machines: Constraint Satisfaction Networks that Learn
Kurzweil 1990 The Age of Intelligent Machines
McMillan 2012   Darpa Has Seen the Future of Computing … And It’s Analog
Michalski 1986 Variable Precision Logic
Minsky 1975  A Framework for Representing Knowledge
Prerau 1990 Developing and Managing Expert Systems: Proven Techniques for Business and Industry
Schroeder 1991 Fractals Chaos Power Laws: Minutes from an Infinite Paradise
Singh   2004 Computing Commonsense
Sprague 1986 Decision Support Systems: Putting Theory into Practice
Tanimoto 1987 The Elements of Artificial Intelligence
Valiant 1994 Circuits of the Mind
von Neumann 1958 The Computer and the Brain
Waltz 1975 Understanding Line Drawings of Scenes With Shadow
Wiener 1961 Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine 2nd ed.
Winston  1975  The Psychology of Computer Vision 

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