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Authors: Singh, P.; M. Minsky and I. Eslick

Title: Computing commonsense (

Publication: BT Technology Journal, Vol. 24 p.201

Publisher: MIT Media Labs, 2004


How can we build systems with ‘commonsense’, the thinking skills that every ordinary person takes for granted? In this paper, we describe a multi-agent architecture for enabling commonsense reasoning which is in development at the Media Lab. The system reasons about the kinds of fundamental entities that show up in nearly all situations — such as people, objects, events, goals, plans and mistakes. The architecture supports multiple layers of reflective reasoning, mechanisms for coherent reasoning across multiple representations, and large-scale control structures called ‘ways to think’. We first describe the main features of our architecture and then discuss its application and evaluation to an artificial life scenario.

Dawn of the Age of Knowledge

Unhuman Expertise

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