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Parallel Computing

The following references apply to parallel and distributed computing in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.

Understanding Context Bibliographic References by Topic
Click on the links below to go to the references on this topic
Ahuja 1986 Linda and Friends
Desrochers 1987 Principles of Parallel and Multiprocessing
Gear 1969 Computer Organization and Programming: With an Emphasis on the Personal Computer
Gelernter 1988 Getting the Job Done
Haynes 1982 A Survey of Highly Parallel Computing
Hewitt 1986 Design Issues in Parallel Architectures for Artificial Intelligence
Hwang 1985 Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing
Jamieson 1987 The Characteristics of Parallel Algorithms
O'Leary 1987 From Determinacy to Systaltic Arrays
Obermeier 1988 Side by Side
Ranka 1988 Programming a Hypercube Multicomputer
Stone 1987 High-Performance Computer Architecture
Swaine 1988 Developing a Taxonomy for Parallel Algorithms
Click below to look in each Understanding Context section
Intro Context 1 Brains 2 Neurons 3 Neural Networks
4 Perception and Cognition 5 Fuzzy Logic 6 Language and Dialog 7 Cybernetic Models
8 Apps and Processes 9 The End of Code Glossary Bibliography 


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