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Posts: Multiple Meanings

Raising IKE

A Game of Language, Meaning, Intelligence and Context


We plan to soon  launch a context game with great prizes.There will be tee shirts, free copies of a cool mobile app, and the grand prize will be airfare, hotel and admission to a conference at which Raising IKE will be prominently featured. The game will be about the impact of context on meaning. Players will input and manipulate meaning in context, and at different levels, find and add different meanings for the same word or phrase in different contexts. Adding concepts will help build our ontology making every player part of the future. This crowdsourced knowledge will speed up the transition to an new age of knowledge.

The geek term for this is “polysemy” or multiple meanings, and it shows that by knowing the context, you can better understand meaning, in many cases, than if you don’t know the context. If you want to get a message when the game is ready for you to play, please register below.

Register with UnderstandingContext and we’ll let you know when the game is ready to download.

What’s the difference between a carp and an ambulance-chasing attorney? One is a scum-sucking bottom-dweller and the other is a fish. Or is it?


1) To find fault or complain, deprecate, criticize, nag

2) A freshwater, originally Asian fish of the cyrpinid variety

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