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Authors: Wysocki, Robert K., and DeMichiell, Robert L.

Title: Managing Information Across the Enterprise

Publisher John Wiley & Sons, (ISBN: 0-471-12719-1)

City: New York

Year: 1997, 372 pages

The authors recognize that to be successful in the coming age of knowledge, organizations must change their perspectives to see IT systems as enterprise-wide assets. They introduce a model called Strategies for Technology-Enablement through People (STEP), creating the modern trilogy of People, Processes and Technology which drives many organizations today.

From the Prologue: “We believe that our efforts are missionary. Information is a strategic resource that belongs to everyone in the organization. But we must not forget the role of people and process in completing that strategy. We are issuing a ‘wake-up call’ to both practitioners and academics. We introduce a new way of viewing the enterprise – through the eyes of information-enabled professionals. In so doing, we hope to encourage further exploration of the seminal ideas presented.”

Although Managing Information Across the Enterprise is a university-level IT textbook, non-IT people can gain valuable insights from it. It creates an opportunity for a productive dialogue about using the power of IT for knowledge access, creation and dissemination, rather than making IT the advanced technological ‘enemy’ seeking world domination.

Robert Wysocki was director of Career Management Systems, a business unit of Computerworld, and Robert DeMichiell was professor and Area Coordinator for the Information Systems Program at Fairfield University.

From Journal of Knowledge Management, December 1997. © IFS International Ltd.

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