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BibliographyDear Reader,

This page is a gateway into my bibliography organized by topic. Eclectic – granted: but necessarily so because of the complexity of divining human intent using silicon-based devices. I don’t love all the titles, but they each helped me in some way, many by blowing my mind with ideas I had never considered, others with ideas that I rejected at first, then grew convinced after further review, and others that I still don’t swallow. You’ll notice that many of the titles revolve around my last academic forays at Tokyo Institute of Technology (with Tanaka Sensei) and the University of Minnesota (with Dr. Slagle) in the mid and late 80s. Had I the bandwidth to continue documenting my interim delving in the bibliography, I certainly would have done so. But I’m working to make up for the lost time and continuing to build this bibliography of cybernetics. The following topics and references are used in the UnderstandingContext blog:

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I also benefited from the following bibliography of Semiotics from Daniel Chandler’s site:


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AI Apps and Processes

AI Apps and Processes

Table of Contents - Section 8 - AI Applications and Processes     Table of Context
AI Modeling

AI Modeling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Modeling The following references apply to Artificial Intelligence modeling and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.


Associationism The following references apply to Associationism and I used them to develop the basis of my theories on knowledge representation.


Dear Reader, This page is a gateway into my bibliography organized by topic. Eclectic - granted: but necessarily so because of the complexity of divining human intent using silicon-based devices. I don't love all the titles, but they each helped ...
Biological Brains

Biological Brains

Table of Contents - Section 1 - Biological Brains   Table of Context
Biological Networking

Biological Networking

Table of Contents - Section 3 - The Human Neural Network   Table of Context

Canonical Modeling

Canonical sounds a bit religious, and perhaps it is... I refer to canonical information models that rule the flow and interpretation of data in the enterprise. Whether there is an explicit information model or not, there is a model: and it's based ...


Computing The following references apply to Computing and I used them to develop the basis of my theories on system processes and cybernetic modeling.
[ter Hofstede 2010]

[ter Hofstede 2010]

Authors: ter Hofstede, A., W. van der Aalst, M. Adams, and N. Russell Title: Modern Business Process Automation: YAWL and its Support Environment Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg Date: 2010 The definitive work on YAWL and business...


Connectionism The following references apply to Connectionism and I used them to develop the basis of my theories on system processes and knowledge representation.
Context — The Phenomenon

Context — The Phenomenon

Table of Contents - Blog Introduction Table of Context  
Cybernetic Modeling

Cybernetic Modeling

Table of Contents - Section 7 - Cybernetic Modeling   Table of Context
Formal Logic

Formal Logic

Formal Logic I use the following references in my study of formal logic:
Fuzzy Logic and the Mind-Brain Dichotomy

Fuzzy Logic and the Mind-Brain Dichotomy

Table of Contents - Section 5 - Fuzzy Logic   Table of Context  


Natural Language

Natural Language

Natural Language The following references apply to natural language in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.
Natural Language and Dialog

Natural Language and Dialog

Table of Contents - Section 6 - Natural Language and Dialog   Table of Context  
Neural Networks

Neural Networks

Neural Networks Artificial Neural Systems (ANS) or Neural Networks are an important innovation in AI and provide a credible model for neuromorphic computing. The following references apply to neural networks in this blog and I used them to develop...


Neurons The following references apply to neurons in this blog, and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.


Table of Contents - Section 2 - Neuron  Structure and Function   Table of Context


Neuropathology The following references apply to neuropathology in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.


Neuroscience The following references apply to neuroscience in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.
NISO 2004

NISO 2004

Author: National Information Standards Organization Title: Understanding Metadata Publisher: NISO Press: 4733 Bethesda Avenue, Suite 300 Bethesda, MD 20814 USA (Email: [email protected]) Date: 2004 Great source material for metadata management: "Un...


Objects The following references apply to objects and object-oriented design in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.

Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing The following references apply to parallel and distributed computing in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.
Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition Pattern recognition is an important element in core brain activity, in advanced cognitive processes, and particularly in language understanding. The following references apply to pattern recognition in this blog and I used them...


Perception The following references apply to perception in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.
Perception and Cognition

Perception and Cognition

Table of Contents - Section 4 - Perception and Cognition Table of Context


Philosophy The following references apply to philosophy in this blog, and I used them to develop the basis of my theories.  


Physics The following references apply to physics in this blog and I used them to develop the basis of my theories. Why do I care about physics? The internal physics of chaotic flows in distributed systems is fundamental to not only understanding ways...


Probability Statistical processes that determine the probability  of a thing being true (factual or likely to occur in the future) have been part of computation for years. There are two distinct camps in Language Understanding theory: The "meaning" ...


Psychology During my masters work at the University of Minnesota, I spent a lot of time in the departments of Psychology and Educational Psychology trying to understand how humans understand and how knowledge and intent are created, observed, and changed....


Rules Rules are part of many different types of systems, but the modern architecture strategy is to combine BPM and rules into a single engine. My approach is to encode the rules into the knowledge in the ontology. Here are some references. ...
Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Science Fiction Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica... The list goes on. Between Asimov, Heinlein, LeGuin and the rest, there is ample fodder for imagining a future with the kinds of machines I propose to design.


Syntax and Semantics If I can call myself anything, it is a "Computational Linguist". Having a degree in linguistics and having been a member of the Association for Computational Linguistics and attended their conferences, I hope I qualify. Here are ...
System Engineering

System Engineering

System Engineering
Table of Context

Table of Context

These are the sections of the starship Understanding Context:  Intro: Context-the Phenomenon : The introduction describes the goals of my work and of this blog, introducing key concepts and the Personal Robot Assistant: MIPUS    1: Biological Brain...


Taxonomy/Ontology Ontological thinking began a long time ago. It is only just now coming into its own in the computing sphere. Ontology is the key to the end of code.
The End of Code

The End of Code

Table of Contents - Section 9 - The End of Code   Table of Context

The Game of Meanings

Posts: Multiple Meanings Raising IKE A Game of Language, Meaning, Intelligence and Context   We plan to soon  launch a context game with great prizes.There will be tee shirts, free copies of a cool mobile app, and the grand prize w...


Vision Of all brain recognition tasks, vision is the most clearly explained in the literature. In each phase, more of the pieces of the two dimensional image are assembled then stretched out to fit real space. Understanding the visual recognition process...
Words and Morphology

Words and Morphology

Words and Morphology Each stratum of language is interesting in its own right, but the amazingly interesting phenomena occur at the junctions of each pair of language strata as you plumb the depths.  Morphological analysis is particularly useful at ...

[Aceto 2007] Reactive Systems: Modelling Specification and Verification

Authors: Aceto, L; A. Ingólfsdóttir; K. Guldstrand Larsen and J. Srba Title: Reactive Systems: Modelling, Specification and Verification Date: 2007 Cambridge, UK Publisher: Cambridge University Press This book describes formal methods for the sp...
[Adams 1982] Life the Universe and Everything

[Adams 1982] Life the Universe and Everything

Author: Adams, D. Title: Life, the Universe and Everything Date: 1982 New York Publisher: Pocket Books The third of five books in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. For run-of-the-mill British humor, Douglas Adams outdoes most in appealing...

[Adams 1986] Hitchhiker's Guide

Author: Adams, D. Title: The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide Date: 1986 Stamford, CT Publisher: Longmeadow Press Among other fundamentally cosmic principles covered in this series of books is probability theory, which pops up frequently. The...

[Adams 1996]

Author: Adams, S. Title: The DILBERT Principle: A Cubicle's-Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads and Other Workplace Afflictions Date: 1996 New York Publisher: Harper Collins Scott Adams ain't just foolin' around, either! He is one of the...
[Aho 1972]

[Aho 1972]

Author: Aho, A. & J. Ullman Title: The Theory of Parsing, Translation and Compiling, Vol. 1 Date: 1972 Englewood Cliffs, NJ Publisher: Prentice-Hall The concepts presented in this work are very useful in understanding how computers can be used...

[Ahuja 1986]

Author: Ahuja, S., N. Carriero & D. Gelernter Title: Linda and Friends Publication: IEEE Computer, 19, No. 8 Date: 1986 Publisher: A light introduction to a useful model for shared-memory computing across diverse parallel computing platforms. parallel...

[Alberts 1989]

Author: Alberts, B., D. Bray, J. Lewis, M. Raff, K. Roberts & J. Watson Title: Molecular Biology of the Cell Date: 1989 New York Publisher: Garland Publishing My primary reference for understanding what goes on inside a cell. This book is pretty...
[Allemang 2011]

[Allemang 2011]

Authors: Allemang, D. and J. Hendler Title: Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, Effective Modeling in RDFS and OWL 2nd Ed. Date: 2011 Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, Waltham, MA, USA This is an outstanding resource for anyone interested ...

[Allen 1987]

Author: Allen, J. Title: Natural Language Understanding Date: 1987 Menlo Park, CA Publisher: Benjamin/Cummings Allen organizes his chapters around the different strata of language. He begins with comprehension and uses syntactic models to introduce...

[Anderson 1983]

Author: Anderson, J. Title: The Architecture of Cognition Date: 1983 Cambridge, MA Publisher: Harvard University Press Anderson uses an intuitive and methodical approach to describing cognition. If you have any interest in cognitive science, you should...

[Anderson 1988]

Author: Anderson, J. & E. Rosenfeld (Eds.) Title: Neurocomputing: Foundations of Research Date: 1988 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press The collection of works in this volume is essential reading for anyone attempting to understand the history...
[Aristotle (1) 1952]

[Aristotle (1) 1952]

Author: Aristotle (1) Title: On the Soul - translated by J. A. Smith Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton Aristotle has lost some of his audience share lately, but for no good reason. Okay,...

[Aristotle (2) 1952]

Author: Aristotle (2) Title: Nicomachean Ethics - translated by W. D. Ross Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton Ethics is an important part of our thought processes and our intelligence. A...

[Aristotle (3) 1952]

Author: Aristotle (3) Title: Physics - translated by R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton The humanity and lack of scientific equipment underlying this description...

[Aristotle (4) 1952]

Author: Aristotle (4) Title: Metaphysics - translated by W. D. Ross Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton The metaphysical aspects of reality, whether we comprehend them or not, are worth taking...

[Aristotle (5) 1952]

Author: Aristotle (5) Title: Categories (Categoriae) - translated by E. M. Edghill Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton Taxonomy is a central aspect of organizing knowledge. This essay provides...

[Aristotle (6) 1952]

Author: Aristotle (6) Title: Posterior Analytics - translated by G. R. Mure Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton Aristotelian logic, though not fully adopted by the author, is a very useful t...

[Arwood 1983]

Author: Arwood, E. Title: Pragmaticism: Theory and Application Date: 1983 Rockville, MD Publisher: Aspen Systems

[Bailey 1996]

Author: Bailey, J. Title: After Thought: The Computer Challenge to Human Intelligence Date: 1996 New York Publisher: Basic Books James Bailey has great credentials. He participated in the cybernetic revolution with some of the early innovators at...

[Ballard 1982]

Author: Ballard, D. & C. Brown Title: Computer Vision Date: 1982 Englewood Cliffs, NJ Publisher: Prentice-Hall This text describes methods for processing image data and simulating visual recognition. It is aging quickly. It's best use is for building...

[Barr 1981]

Author: Barr, A. & E. Feigenbaum (Eds.) Title: The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 1 Date: 1981 Menlo Park, CA Publisher: Addison-Wesley This set provides a broad foundation and tons of detailed information for AI practitioners. Highly...

[Barr 1982]

Author: Barr, A. & E. Feigenbaum (Eds.) Title: The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 2 Date: 1982 Menlo Park, CA Publisher: Addison-Wesley This set provides a broad foundation and tons of detailed information for AI practitioners. Highly...

[Barr 1989]

Author: Barr, A., P. Cohen & E. Feigenbaum (Eds.) Title: The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 4 Date: 1989 Menlo Park, CA Publisher: Addison-Wesley This set provides a broad foundation and tons of detailed information for AI practitioners....

[Barry 1996]

Author: Barry, D. Title: The Object Database Handbook: How to Select, Implement, and Use Object-Oriented Databases Date: 1996 New York, NY Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. When it comes time to move from relational to object, start here. Think...

[Bartlett 1932]

Author: Bartlett, F.C. Title: Remembering: A Study in Experimental and Social Psychology Date: 1932 Cambridge, England Publisher: Cambridge University Press Frederick C. Bartlett was a British psychologist in the early part of the 20th century. His...

[Baumgartner 1995]

Author: Baumgartner, P. & S. Payr Title: Speaking Minds: Interviews with Twenty Eminent Cognitive Scientists Date: 1995 Princeton, NJ Publisher: Princeton University Press Clear your mind and sit back to enjoy this one. Not only do you get inside...

[Bienenstock 1982]

Author: Bienenstock, E., L. Cooper & P. Munro Title: Theory of the Development of Neuron Selectivity: Orientation Specificity and Binocular Interaction in the Visual Cortex Publication: Journal of Neuroscience, 2, pp. 32-48 Date: 1982 Publisher: The...
[Blackwell 2009]

[Blackwell 2009]

Authors: Blackwell, A.; Wilson, L.; Street, A.; Boulton, C. and Knell, J. Title: Radical Innovation:crossing knowledge boundaries with interdisciplinary teams Date: 2009 Publisher: Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, Cambridge UK This is...
[Bobrow 1975]

[Bobrow 1975]

Author: Bobrow, D. & A. Collins (Eds.) Title: Representation and Understanding Date: 1975 San Diego Publisher: Academic Press Bobrow makes the connection between knowledge representation, or how the data is stored and presented, and interpretation...

[Booch 1986]

Author: Booch, G. Title: Software Engineering with Ada, 2nd ed. Date: 1986 Menlo Park, CA Publisher: Benjamin/Cummings I know I will never live this down, but ADA is still one of my favorite languages for the singular beauty of its constructs for...

[Boyle 1996]

Author: Boyle, J. Title: Shamans, Software and Spleens: Law and the Construction of the Information Society Date: 1996 Cambridge, MA Publisher: Harvard University Press Boyle argues the case of common folk in the information age. If information wealth...

[Bresnan 1978]

Author: Bresnan, J., M. Halle & G. Miller (Eds.) Title: A Realistic Transformational Grammar Publication: Linguistic Theory and Psychological Reality Date: 1978 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press Transformational grammar has been well accepted...

[Calvin 1996]

Author: Calvin, W. Title: How Brains Think: Evolving Intelligence, Then and Now Date: 1996 New York, NY Publisher: BasicBooks Calvin describes some fundamental knowledge about the processes of cognition and proposes a propositional syntax that enables...
[Cambria 2009]

[Cambria 2009]

Authors: Cambria, E; A. Hussain; C. Havasi and C. Eckl Title: Common Sense Computing: From the Society of the Mind to Digital Intuition and Beyond Publication: Biometric ID Management and Multimodal Communication: Lecture Notes in Computer Science...

[Campbell 1989]

Author: Campbell, J. Title: The Improbable Machine Date: 1989 New York Publisher: Simon & Schuster An examination of the history and state of the art in the study of cybernetics, connectionism and neural networks. This is good general reading...

[Capra 1996]

Author: Capra, F. Title: The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems Date: 1996 New York, NY Publisher: Anchor Books If we are ever to get beyond artificial intelligence to artificial life, this will need to be part of the core...

[Carbon 2012]

Authors: Carbon C-C.,and S. Albrecht Title: Bartlett’s schema theory: The unreplicated “portrait d’homme” series from 1932 Publisher: Psychology Press (Taylor and Francis Group Publication: THE QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2012, 65 ...

[Carpenter 1978]

Author: Carpenter, G. Title: Core Text of Neuroanatomy, 2nd ed. Date: 1978 Baltimore Publisher: Williams & Wilkins As the name suggests, this is good fundamental reading and even better reference material for students of the physiology of cognition. brain...

[Carpenter 1988]

Author: Carpenter, G. & S. Grossberg Title: The ART of Adaptive Pattern Recognition by a Self-Organizing Neural Network Publication: IEEE Computer, 21, No. 3 Date: 1988 Publisher: This particular issue of IEEE Computer has some outstanding works...

[Carrico 1989]

Author: Carrico, M., J. Girard & J. Jones with J. Ranade, Consulting Ed. Title: Building Knowledge Systems Date: 1989 New York Publisher: Intertext/McGraw-Hill This book is part of the Intertext Artificial Intelligence Series. Knowledge representation,...

[Casti 1996]

Author: Casti, J. & A. Karlqvist Title: Boundaries and Bariers: On the Limits to Scientific Knowledge Date: 1996 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley cybernetics

[Cater 1983]

Author: Cater, J. Title: Electronically Speaking: Computer Speech Generation Date: 1983 Indianapolis, IN Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co. This book gives you a solid framework of the basics in computer speech generation. It is concise and well-organized. AI...

[Cater 1984]

Author: Cater, J. Title: Electronically Hearing: Computer Speech Recognition Date: 1984 Indianapolis, IN Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co. This book gives you a solid framework of the basics in computer speech recognition or speech-to-text conversion....

[Caudill 1989]

Author: Caudill, M. Title: Neural Networks Primer Date: 1989 San Francisco, CA Publisher: Miller Freeman Publications This is a great companion to Anderson and Rosenfeld's Neurocomputing. Neural Networks AI programming

[Cercone 1984]

Author: Cercone, N. &  G. McCalla Title: Artificial Intelligence: Underlying Assumptions and Basic Objectives Publication: Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 35, No. 5, pp. 280-290 Date: 1984 Publisher: The title tells ...

[Charniak 1987]

Author: Charniak, E., C. Riesbeck, D. McDermott & J. Meehan Title: Artificial Intelligence Programming Date: 1987 Hillsdale, NJ Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Great textbook on AI! AI programming cybernetics fuzzy logic modeling expert...

[Chisholm 2004]

Author: Chisholm, M. Title: How to Build a Business Rules Engine: Extending Application Functionality through Metadata Engineering Date: 2004 Publisher: Morgan Kaufman - San Francisco Here's good instruction on the basic intent of a business rules...
[Chomsky 1968]

[Chomsky 1968]

Author: Chomsky, N. Title: Language and the Mind Date: 1968 New York Publisher: Hartcourt, Brace & World Here's a classic work from the school of nature (as opposed to nurture) as it applies to human language and the acquisition of syntactic...
[Chomsky 1986]

[Chomsky 1986]

Author: Chomsky, N. Title: Barriers Date: 1986 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press More work on transformational grammar and transitioning into post-transformational grammars. Just a little departure from his earlier work. natural language knowledge...

[Chorafas 1992]

Author: Chorafas, D. Title: New Information Technologies Date: 1992 New York, NY Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Rich with ideas. Recommended to anyone who wants to get out of the box. AI programming cybernetics objects

[Churchland 1986]

Author: Churchland, P. Title: Neurophilosophy: Toward a Unified Science of Mind and Brain Date: 1986 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press Cognitive science - Churchland works toward bringing together diverse perspectives from different departments at...

[Churchland 1989]

Author: Churchland, P. & T. Sejnowski Title: Neural Representation and Neural Computation Publication: in Nadel, et al. (Eds.), Neural Connections and Mental Computation Date: 1989 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press A good treatise on the relationship...

[Cofer 1976]

Author: Cofer, C.N. (Ed.) Title: The Structure of Human Memory Date: 1976 San Francisco Publisher: W.H. Freeman This book provides a good overview of current research in the physiology of remembering. memory psychology learning associationism...

[Cohen 1982]

Author: Cohen, P. & E. Feignebaum (Eds.) Title: The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 3 Date: 1982 Menlo Park, CA Publisher: Addison-Wesley This set provides a broad foundation and tons of detailed information for AI practitioners. Highly...

[Cooper 1985]

Author: Cooper, M.S. & M. Schliwa Title: Electrical and Ionic Controls of Tissue Cell Locomotion in DC Electric Fields Publication: in Kater & Letourneau (Eds.), Biology of the Nerve Growth Cone Date: 1985 New York Publisher: Alan R. Liss This...

[Cooper 1996]

Author: Cooper, J., F. Bloom & R. Roth Title: The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology Date: 1996 New York, NY Publisher: Oxford University Press There are many clues to the underlying physiology of thought in the chemical structure and interactions...

[Corsi 1991]

Author: Corsi, P., E. Jones & G. Shepherd (Eds.) Title: The Enchanted Loom: Chapters in the History of Neuroscience Date: 1991 New York Publisher: Oxford This is a marvelous book! If you don't have it yet, now is as good a time as any to go out...

[Cottrell 1987]

Author: Cottrell, G., P. Munro & D. Zisper Title: Image Compression by Back Propagation: A Demonstration of Extensional Programming Publication: in Sharkey, N (Ed.), Advances in Cognitive Science, Vol. 2 Date: 1987 Publisher: This is a good practical...
[Coulson 2001] Semantic Leaps

[Coulson 2001] Semantic Leaps

Author: Coulson, S. Title: Semantic Leaps: Frame-Shifting and Conceptual Blending in Meaning Construction Date: 2001 Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England Coulson describes how people combine concepts from different contexts...

[Crane 1981]

Author: Crane, L., E. Yeager & R. Whitman Title: An Introduction to Linguistics Date: 1981 Boston, MA Publisher: Little, Brown & Company Good basic textbook on linguistics! natural language linguistic strata comprehension

[Cromer 1997]

Author: Cromer, A. Title: Connected Knowledge: Science, Philosophy, and Education Date: 1997 New York, NY Publisher: Oxford University Press This book is geared toward education and learning models. Good ideas for a new model for training the rising...

[Curtis 1990]

Author: Curtis, B. Title: Neurosciences: The Basics Date: 1990 Philadelphia Publisher: Lea & Febiger This is a nice, short (172 pages), broad-brush introduction to the physical mechanisms and functions of cognition. It goes into greater depth...

[Czarnecki 2015]

Authors:  Czarnecki,  Wojciech Marian  and  Jacek  Tabor (Editor-in-Chief, Binshan Lin) Title: Multithreshold Entropy Linear Classifier: Theory and applications:  Journal of Expert Systems with Applications Publication Date: Volume 42, Iss...

[Davidson 2003]

Author(s): Davison, A. C., Title: Statistical Models Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K., 2003 A great text of statistical models and fuzzy logic.
[Davies 2009] Semantic Knowledge Management

[Davies 2009] Semantic Knowledge Management

Authors: Davies, J; M. Grobelnik and D. Mladenic (Eds) Title: Semantic Knowledge Management: Integrating Ontology Management, Knowledge Discovery and Language Technologies Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin / Heidelberg Date: 2009
[De Valois 1982]

[De Valois 1982]

Author: De Valois, RL; D. G. Albrecht and L. G. Thorel Title: SPATIAL FREQUENCY SELECTIVITY OF CELLS IN MACAQUE VISUAL CORTEX Publication: Vision Research. Vol. 22, Pp. 545 to 559. Date: 1982  

[Deacon 1997]

Author: Deacon, T. Title: The Symbolic Species: The Co-Evolution of Language and the Brain Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co, New York, 1997 Terrence Deacon, anthropologist, draws from multiple disciplines, including evolutionary theory, linguistics, ...

[Dechter 1989]

Authors: Dechter, R., I. Meiri and J. Pearl Title: Temporal Constraint Networks Publication: Artificial INtelligence (49) pp. 61-95 Publisher: Elsevier, Utrecht, NL This is a great look at the implications...

[Dennett 1978]

Author: Dennett, D. Title: Brainstorms Date: 1978 Montgomery, VT Publisher: Bradford Books This is one of Dennett's earlier works, and it provides good insights into some of the swirling controversies in the cognitive-science arena of the late 1970s....

[Dennett 1991]

Author: Dennett, D. Title: Consciousness Explained Date: 1991 Boston Publisher: Little, Brown & Co. Dennett is a prolific and, deservedly, well-respected writer. His insights are penetrating and his arguments credible. The deep quality of his...

[DeRose 1988]

Author: DeRose, S. Title: Grammatical Category Disambiguation by Statistical Optimization Publication: Computational Linguistics, 14, pp. 31-39 Date: 1988 Publisher: natural language syntax linguistic strata AI programming
[Descartes 1628]

[Descartes 1628]

Author: Descartes, R. Title: Regulae ad directionem ingenii  (Rules for the Direction of the Mind ) (I use an English translation in Great Books of the Western World - 1952) Published: 1626–1628. Regulae ad directionem ingenii  (Rules for t...

[Desrochers 1987]

Author: Desrochers, G. Title: Principles of Parallel and Multiprocessing Date: 1987 New York Publisher: Intertext Publications The future of computing is here. Don't wait to get on the merry-go-round until it's spinning too quickly. parallel computing computing system...
[DeValois 1965]

[DeValois 1965]

Author: De Valois, R. Title: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Studies of Primate Vision Publication: in Neff, W.D. (Ed.), Contributions to Sensory Physiology Date: 1965 New York Publisher: Academic Press vision perception neuroscience

[Devlin 1997]

Author: Devlin, K. Title: Goodbye, Descartes: The End of Logic and the Search for a New Cosmology of the Mind Date: 1997 New York, NY Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Universal grammar, its theory and application to language and cognitive theory...
[Domingos 2015] The Master Algorithm

[Domingos 2015] The Master Algorithm

Author: Domingos, P. Title: The Master Algorithm: How the quest for the ultimate learning machine will remake our world Date: 2015 New York, NY Publisher: Basic Books / Perseus Pedro Domingo ranges broadly over induction, genetic algorithms, self-similarity ...

[Donald 1991]

Author: Donald, Merlin Title: Origins of the Modern Mind: Three Stages in the Evolution of Culture and Cognition Date: 1991 Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA In the emergence of language, evolution theorizes that a sequence ...

[Dressler 1988]

Author: Dressler, W. Title: Preferences vs. Strict Universals in Morphology: Word-Based Rules Publication: in Hammond & Noonan (Eds.), Theoretical Morphology Date: 1988 San Diego Publisher: Academic Press natural language linguistic strat...

[Dreyfus 1986]

Author: Dreyfus, H., S. Dreyfus & T. Athanasiou Title: Mind Over Machine Date: 1986 New York Publisher: Free Press (Macmillan) This book describes many important developments in AI from an analytical, historical perspective. I like this book because...

[Duda 1973]

Author: Duda, R. & P. Hart Title: Pattern Classification and Scene Analysis Date: 1973 New York Publisher: Wiley & Sons This is a must-read for anyone attempting to design complex systems. Stochastic models and complex search techniques are...
[Eagleman 2012]

[Eagleman 2012]

Author: Eagleman, D. Title: There’s Someone in My Head, But It’s Not Me Publisher: Science Friday Web City: New York Year: 2012 David Eagleman describes the human brain as a churning "hidden universe of networked machinery" and goes on ...

[Elman 1988]

Author: Elman, J. Title: Finding Structure in Time Publication: CRL Technical Report 8801 Date: 1988 San Diego This technical report describes the advantages of incorporating a temporal element in neural network processing. While simple feed-forward...

[Entsminger 1995]

Author: Entsminger, G. Title: The Tao of Objects: A Beginner's Guide to Object-Oriented Programming Date: 1995 New York, NY Publisher: M & T Books Must read this guide to OOP. Besides clarity and coverage, Entsminger throws in a human touch that...
[Erdelyi 1996]

[Erdelyi 1996]

Author: Erdelyi, M. H. Title: The Recovery of Unconscious Memories 1996, The University of Chicago Press Review from Janet D. Feigenbaum Memory has recently become the focus of media attention because of the emotionally charged uses made o...

[Feigenbaum 1963]

Author: Feigenbaum, E. & J. Feldman (Eds.) Title: Computers and Thought Date: 1963 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill Good literature from the early days of cybernetics! cybernetics AI programming intelligence

[Feigenbaum 1983]

Author: Feigenbaum, E. & P. McCorduck Title: The Fifth Generation Date: 1983 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley The secondary title of this book is Artificial Intelligence and Japan's Computer Challenge to the World. The book is good, though...

[Feldman 1982]

Author: Feldman, J. & D. Ballard Title: Connectionist Models and Their Properties Publication: Cognitive Science, Vol. 6, pp. 204-254 Date: 1982 Publisher: This is an excellent introduction to the basics of connectionism from folks who are highly...

[Feldman 1989]

Author: Feldman, J. Title: Neural Representation of Conceptual Knowledge Publication: in Nadel, (Eds.), Neural Connections and Mental Computation Date: 1989 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press Feldman does an excellent job of pointing out some...

[Fensel 2004]

Author: Fensel, D. Title: Ontologies: A Silver Bullet for Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce Year: 2004 Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin Fensel goes through RDF, XML and other ontology languages and describes what an ontology is, what...

[Fiammante 2010]

Author: Fiammante, M. Title: Dynamic SOA and BPM: Best Processes for Business Process Management and SOA Agility Year, 2010 Publisher: Pearson/IBM Press, Boston, MA The connection between SOA and BPM is analogous to the connection between content...

[Fingar 2015]

Title: Cognitive Computing: A Brief Guide for Game Changers Author: Peter Fingar with foreword by Vint Cerf Date: January 2015 Publisher: Meghan-Kiffer Press Cognitive computing is the new artificial intelligence (AI), a evolution in a field birthed...

[Fodor 1983]

Author: Fodor, J. Title: The Modularity of Mind: An Essay on Faculty Psychology Date: 1983 Cambridge Publisher: MIT/Bradford Press In many respects, the ideas presented in this monograph suggest models other than connectionism for simulating cognitive...

[Fogel 2002]

Author(s): Fogel, D. Title: Blondie24: Playing at the edge of AI Publisher: Academic Press - Harcourt, San Diego, 2002 David Fogel set up a system for a naive set of acting, observing  and learning procedures to learn how to win at checkers w...

[Forgy 1982]

Author: Forgy, C. Title: Rete: A Fast Algorithm for the Many Pattern/ Many Object Pattern Match Problem Publication: Artificial Intelligence 19 - 1982 This article describes the most commonly used inference engine for forward and backward chaining ...

[Fukushima 1988]

Author: Fukushima, K. Title: A Neural Network for Visual Pattern Recognition Publication: IEEE Computer, 21, No. 3, pp. 65-75 Date: 1988 Publisher: Fukushima has brought adaptive feedback to a new level in his implementation of a neural network for...

[Gardner 1985]

Author: Gardner, H. Title: The Mind's New Science: A History of the Cognitive Revolution Date: 1985 New York Publisher: Basic Books I really enjoy this book and turn to it frequently. I must confess, though, that I have never read it cover to cover....

[Gear 1969]

Author: Gear, C. W. Title: Computer Organization and Programming: With an Emphasis on the Personal Computer Date: 1969 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill I have included this book because it may be extremely useful for the person without a strong background...

[Gelernter 1988]

Author: Gelernter, D. Title: Getting the Job Done Publication: Byte Magazine, 13, No. 12 Date: 1988 Publisher: Parallel programming has not yet achieved great heights in productivity. This quick monograph gives hints about how we might someday overcome...

[Genesereth 1987]

Author: Genesereth, M. & N. Nilsson Title: Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Date: 1987 Palo Alto, CA Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann The logical proposition and its application in intelligent systems has no more comfortable home than...

[Giarratano 1989]

Author: Giarratano, J. & G. Riley Title: Expert Systems: Principles and Programming Date: 1989 Boston Publisher: PWS-Kent These guys attack the problem of teaching us about expert systems with an envelopment: in one prong of the attack, they tell...
[Glass 2015]

[Glass 2015]

Authors: Glass, A and S. Callahan Title: The Big Data-Driven Business: How to Use Big Data to Win Customers, Beat Competitors, and Boost Profit Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ – November 24, 2014 Practical for business women an...

[Gleiser 1997]

Author: Marcelo Gleiser Title: The Dancing Universe Publisher: Dartmouth College Press Year: 1997, Lebanon NH The great scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders of history have provided major contributions both to the body of human ...

[Glimcher 2003]

Author: Glimcher, Paul Title: Decisions, Uncertainty, and the Brain: The Science of Neuroeconomics Publisher: MIT Press- Bradford Books Date: 2003 – Hong Kong and Cambridge, Massachusetts Sherringtonian theory and reflexes lead to ideas about how t...

[Gluhbegovic 1980]

Author: Gluhbegovic, N. & T. Williams Title: The Human Brain Date: 1980 New York Publisher: Harper & Row Another good standard text in neurophysiology, but with the huge advantage of having all the emulsion to show you what's really inside. neuroscience brain...

[Goddard 1997]

Author: Goddard, Cliff Title: The universal syntax of semantic primitives Date: 1997 Publication: Elsevier Language Sciences Journal , Volume 19, Issue 3 , July 1997, Pages 197-207 Goddard describes the syntax of a formal logic for Anna Wie...

[Goethe 1948]

Author: Goethe, J. Title: The Permanent Goethe Year: 1948 Publisher: The Dial Press, New York Goethe's Theory of Knowledge permeates his work. In modern computational theory, we speak of knowledge representation. There are many approaches to plugging...
[Goldberg 1989]

[Goldberg 1989]

Author: Goldberg, D. Title: Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization and Machine Learning Date: 1989 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley Genetic algorithms are search algorithms based on the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics....

[Golden 1988]

Author: Golden, R. Title: A Unified Framework for Connectionist Systems Publication: Biological Cybernetics, 59, pp. 101-120 Date: 1988 connectionism neural networks modeling

[Gómez-Pérez 2002] Ontology languages for the semantic web

Authors: Gómez-Pérez, A. and O. Corcho Title: Ontology languages for the semantic web Publication: Intelligent Systems Journal 17:1 pp. 54-60 Publisher:  IEEE, 2002

[Gonda 1949]

Author: Gonda, J. Title: The Functions of Word Duplication in Indonesian Languages Publication: Lingua, 1, No. 2, pp. 170-179 Date: 1949 natural language linguistic strata rules

[Graesser 1990]

Author: Graesser, A. & G. Bower Title: Inferences and Text Comprehension Date: 1990 San Diego Publisher: Academic Press natural language inference comprehension

[Greenfield 1995]

Author: Greenfield, S. Title: Journey to the Centers of the Mind: Toward a Science of Consciousness Date: 1995 New York, NY Publisher: W.H. Freeman and Company There is a lot swirling around consciousness theory today. If the subject appeals to you...

[Grishman 1986]

Author: Grishman, R. Title: Computational Linguistics: An Introduction Date: 1986 New York, NY Publisher: Cambridge University Press Another good introduction to computerized language analysis. natural language linguistic strata comprehension

[Grossberg 1976]

Author: Grossberg, S. Title: Adaptive Pattern Classification and Universal Recoding Publication: Biological Cybernetics, 23, pp. 121-134 Date: 1976 The secondary title of this article is "Parallel Development and Coding of Neural Features." pattern...

[Grosz 1986]

Author: Grosz, B., K. Sparck Jones & B. Webber (Eds.) Title: Readings in Natural Language Processing Date: 1986 Los Altos, CA Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann This edited collection has some outstanding articles that get to the key issues in natural...


Authors:  Grunwald, Peter D. and  Vitanyi, Paul M.B. Title: Kolmogorov Complexity and Information Theory (in Journal of Logic, Language and Information) Year: 2003 Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers: Netherlands I like this work because th...

[Guilford 1978]

Author: Guilford, J. & B. Fruchter Title: Fundamental Statistics in Pyschology and Education, 6th ed. Date: 1978 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill
[Haley 2008]

[Haley 2008]

Author: Haley, P. Title: Goals and backward chaining using the Rete Algorithm Date: March 11, 2008 Publisher: Commercial Intelligence Great article on the state (in '08) of backward chaining inference engines. Includes useful history and...

[Hameroff 1982]

Author: Hameroff, S. & R. Watt Title: Information Processing in Microtubules Publication: Journal of Theoretical Biology, 98, pp. 549-561 Date: 1982 Publisher: This is a theoretical work that, though founded on strong research, is open to serious...

[Hammond 1970]

Author: Hammond, K., J. Householder & N. Castellan Title: Introduction to the Statistical Method Date: 1970 New York Publisher: Knopf An analysis the psychology of how we can figure things out based on probabilistic reasoning. Good reference for...

[Hammond 1988]

Author: Hammond, M. & M. Noonan (Eds.) Title: Theoretical Morphology: Approaches in Modern Linguistics Date: 1988 San Diego Publisher: Academic Press natural language linguistic strata words/morphology

[Hanson 1987]

Author: Hanson, S. & J. Kegl Title: PARSNIP Publication: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society Date: 1987 Hillsdale, N.J. Publisher: Cognitive Science Society The secondary title of this paper is "A Connectionist...

[Harris 1987]

Author: Harris, R. Title: Reading Saussure Date: 1987 La Salle, IL Publisher: Open Court cognition

[Harris 1988]

Author: Harris, K. & J. Stevens Title: Study of Dendritic Spines by Serial Electron Microscopy & 3-Dimensional Reconstructions Publication: Neurology and Neurobiology, 37, pp. 179-199 Date: 1988 The pictures that come out of these guys' laboratories...

[Hawking 1988]

Author: Hawking, S. Title: A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes Date: 1988 New York, NY Publisher: Bantam Books What does this have to do with cybernetics? The connection may be quite remote, but in seeking a valid universal information...

[Hawkins 2004]

Author(s): Hawkins, J. and S. Blakeslee Title: On Intelligence: How a New Understanding of the Brain will Lead to the Creation of Truly Intelligent Machines Publisher: Times Books,  2004 The book describes how prior work in AI has failed to ...

[Haynes 1982]

Author: Haynes, L., R. Lau, D. Siewiorek & D. Mizell Title: A Survey of Highly Parallel Computing Publication: IEEE Computer Magazine, 15, No. 1 Date: 1982 This is an historical article in an historical issue of Computer. It came out at a time...

[Heath 1983]

Author: Heath, S. Title: Ways With Words: Language, Life and Work in Communities and Classrooms Date: 1983 Cambridge, UK Publisher: Cambridge University Press The cultural context of language is as important in how a person interprets words as the...

[Hebb 1949]

Author: Hebb, D. Title: The Organization of Behavior Date: 1949 New York Publisher: Wiley & Sons Behavioral science probes beyond the psychology of perception and cognition to find motivation and response. Hebb's work in this field has had a profound...

[Hewitt 1986]

Author: Hewitt, C. & H. Lieberman Title: Design Issues in Parallel Architectures for Artificial Intelligence Publication: Computers for Artificial Intelligence Applications Date: 1986 Washington, D.C. Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press parallel...

[Hilbert 2011]

Authors: Martin Hilbert and Priscila López Title: The World’s Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information Date: (2011) Publication: Science (journal) , 332(6025), pp. 60-65

[Hinton 1984]

Author: Hinton, G., T. Sejnowski & D. Ackley Title: Boltzman Machines: Constraint Satisfaction Networks That Learn Date: 1984 Pittsburgh, PA Publisher: neural networks learning cybernetics cognition modeling

[Hirst 1987]

Author: Hirst, G. Title: Semantic Interpretation and the Resolution of Ambiguity Date: 1987 London Publisher: Cambridge University Press Back when I was a computational linguist, I read this book, cogitated, and concluded that semantics is one of...

[Hockney 1988]

Authors: Hockney, R. W.; and Jesshope, C. R. Title: Parallel Computers 2: Architecture, Programming and Algorithms Publisher: Adam Hilger, Bristol and Philadelphia: 1988 Originally published in 1981, when commercializing the technology multi-processor...

[Hodgkin 1964]

Author: Hodgkin, A. Title: The Conduction of the Nerve Impulse Date: 1964 Liverpool Publisher: Liverpool University Press A good early work in the functional properties of neurons associated with action potential flow in the brain. The scientific...

[Holland 1975]

Author: Holland, J. Title: Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems Date: 1975 Ann Arbor Publisher: University of Michigan Press Adaptation in natural systems is a slow but profoundly important process. If these processes can be imitated in artificial...

[Huang 2007] Pragmatics

Author: Huang, Y. Title: Pragmatics Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: 2007 Excellent textbook in discourse pragmatics, context, deixis and semiotics. Much of my framework is justified in the science Huang introduces in "Pragmatics", wi...

[Hubel 1962]

Author: Hubel, D. & T. Wiesel Title: Receptive Fields, Binocular Interaction & Functional Architecture in the Cat's Visual Cortex Publication: Journal of Physiology (London),160, pp. 106-154 Date: 1962 Publisher: perception brain phys...

[Hubel 1968]

Author: Hubel, D. & T. Wiesel Title: Receptive Fields and Functional Architecture of Monkey Striate Cortex Publication: Journal of Physiology (London), 195, pp. 215-243 Date: 1968 Publisher: vision perception brain physiology neurons

[Hubel 1979]

Author: Hubel, D. & T. Wiesel Title: Brain Mechanisms of Vision Publication: Reprinted in Scientific American, 241, pp. 150-162 Date: 1979 New York, NY Publisher: W. H. Freeman vision perception brain physiology neurons

[Hubel 1988]

Author: Hubel, D. Title: Eye, Brain and Vision Date: 1988 New York Publisher: Scientific American Library A compilation of the salient results of much of Hubel's outstanding work in studying the perceptual interpretation systems that support vision....

[Hwang 1985]

Author: Hwang, K. & F. Briggs Title: Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing Date: 1985 New York, NY Publisher: McGraw-Hill A very important work in parallel computing! It gets to the heart of many of the key issues and includes many good...

[Hwang 1989]

Author: Hwang, K. & D. DeGroot Title: Parallel Processing for Supercomputers & Artificial Intelligence Date: 1989 New York, NY Publisher: McGraw-Hill AI programming cybernetics

[Hyams 1986]

Author: Hyams, N. Title: Language Acquisition and the Theory of Parameters Date: 1986 Dordrecht, Holland Publisher: Reidel Publishing Nina Hyams describes a theory of syntactic knowledge that is innate to humanity. The innateness theories arise from...
[Inmon 2015]

[Inmon 2015]

Authors: Inmon, W.H.  and Dan Linstedt Title: Data Architecture: A Primer for the Data Scientist: Big Data, Data Warehouse and Data Vault Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier, Waltham, MA 2015 A clear, technically written explanation of big d...

[Jackendoff 1972]

Author: Jackendoff, R. Title: Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar Date: 1972 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press natural language syntax linguistic strata

[Jakus 2013] Concepts Ontologies and Knowledge Representation

Authors: Jakus, G.; V. Milutinović; S. Omerović and S. Tomažič Title: Concepts, Ontologies and Knowledge Representation Published: 2013 Publisher:Springer, New York, Heidelberg, Dordrecht, London Three of the authors are from the University of ...

[James 1890]

Author: James, W. Title: Principles of Psychology Date: 1890 Cambridge, MA Publisher: Harvard University Press William James invented psychology. Before James, cognition was addressed mostly by philosophers. This is a fundamental work in the field...

[Jamieson 1987]

Author: Jamieson, L., D. Gannon & R. Douglass (Eds.) Title: The Characteristics of Parallel Algorithms Date: 1987 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press parallel computing AI programming algorithms

[Jappinen 1986]

Author: Jappinen, H. & M. Ylilammi Title: Associative Model of Morphological Analysis: An Empirical Inquiry Publication: Computational Linguistics, 12, No. 4, pp. 257-272 Date: 1986 Publisher: natural language words/morphology associatio...

[Jorgensen 1973]

Author: Jorgensen, C. & W. Kintsch Title: The Role of Imagery in the Evaluation of Sentences Publication: Cognitive Psychology, 4, pp. 110-116 Date: 1973 Publisher: natural language memory

[Kac 1978]

Author: Kac, M. Title: Corepresentation of Grammatical Structure Date: 1978 Minneapolis Publisher: University of Minnesota Press natural language syntax semantics

[Kafatos 1990]

Authors: Kafatos, M and Nadeau, R Title: The Conscious Universe: Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory Year: 1990 Publisher: Springer-Verlag, New York Kafatos and Nadeau inform us that Physical theories in a quantum mechanical universe do not...

[Kallenberg 2010]

Author: Kallenberg, O. Title: Probabilistic Symmetries and Invariance Principles: Probability and its Applications Year: 2010 Springer -Verlag, New York Kallenberg describes three basic symmetries of probability theory - contractability, e...

[Kandel 1985]

Author: Kandel, E. and J. Schwartz (Eds.) Title: Principles of Neural Science, 2nd ed. Date: 1985 New York Publisher: Elsevier/North-Holland neuroscience brain physiology neurons

[Kant 1781]

Author: Kant, I Title: Critique of Pure Reason Date: 1781 Publisher: Empiricism vs. Rationalism - Kant is the quintessential empiricist. Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) has been called a revolutionary thinker. His “Copernican revolution of philosophy” was...

[Kater 1985]

Author: Kater, S. & P. Letourneau (Eds.) Title: Biology of the Nerve Growth Cone Date: 1985 New York Publisher: Alan R. Liss Since the link structure of neurons in a person's brain is constantly evolving, the physiology of the formation of links...

[Kelly 2013]

Title: Smart Machines: IBM's Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing Authors:John E. Kelly III and Steve Hamm Publisher: Columbia Business School Publishing Date: October 2013 IBM Watson 's Jeopardy! victory revealed how scientists and engineers...

[Kintsch 1988]

Author: Kintsch, W. Title: The Role of Knowledge in Discourse Comprehension: A Construction-Integration Model Publication: Psychological Review, 95, No. 2, pp. 163-182 Date: 1988 Publisher: Language cannot be treated in a vacuum. I was confused by...

[Koestler 1967]

Author: Koestler, A. Title: The Ghost in the Machine Date: 1967 New York Publisher: Macmillan The author presents persuasive arguments in favor of a dualistic approach wherein the human MIND is something other than the brain. cognition cybernet...

[Kuffler 1984]

Author: Kuffler, S., J. Nichols & A. R. Martin Title: From Neuron to Brain Date: 1984 Sunderland, MA Publisher: Sinauer Associates I have used this as a resource for each of the first three sections. It is packed with very salient information...

[Kurzweil 1990]

Author: Kurzweil, R. Title: The Age of Intelligent Machines Date: 1990 Cambridge, MA Publisher: The MIT Press AI programming cybernetics fuzzy logic modeling

[Laguna 2004]

Authors: Laguna, M. and Marklund, J. Title: Business Process Modeling, Simulation, and Design Year: 2004 Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ The processes of a business are macrocosms of the processes of the human mind. Manuel and...

[Lamb 1964]

Author: Lamb, S. Title: On Alternation, Transformation, Realization and Stratification Publication: Monograph Series on Language and Linguistics, 17, pp. 105-122 Date: 1964 Publisher: Stratificational grammar is described in this monograph. It profoundly...

[Lamb 1966]

Author: Lamb, S. Title: Outline of Stratificational Grammar Date: 1966 Washington D.C. Publisher: Georgetown University Press Stratificational grammar is described and named in this monograph. It profoundly influenced the way I view the world of language. linguistic...

[LeDoux 1996]

Author: LeDoux, J. Title: The Emotional Brain: The Mysterious Underpinnings of Emotional Life Date: 1996 New York Publisher: Simon & Schuster This is not only recent, which is good for a scientific publication in a rapidly advancing field, but...

[Lenat 1989]

Authors: Lenat, D. and Guha, R. Title: Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems: Representation and Inference in the Cyc Project Year: 1989 Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Boston, MA Doug Lenat's groundbreaking work did more to define the "Semantic...

[Linck 1982]

Author: Linck, R. & G. Langevin Title: Structure and Chemical Composition of Insoluable Filamentous Components of Sperm Flagellar Microtubules Publication: Journal of Cell Science, 58, pp. 1-22 Date: 1982 Publisher: The connection between sperm...

[Linck 1989]

Author: Linck, R. Title: Microtubule Structure and Function Publication: Cell Movement, 2, pp. 13-21 Date: 1989 Publisher: neurons neuroscience

[Llinás 1989]

Author: Llinás, R. (Ed.) Title: The Biology of the Brain: From Neurons to Networks Date: 1989 New York Publisher: neuroscience brain physiology neurons

[Locke 1689]

Author: Locke, J. Title: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Publication: in Great Books of the Western World, 1952 Date: 1689 Chicago Publisher: William Benton As you can see from the date, this essay is pretty old. If you're like me, however,...

[Lucky 1989]

Author: Lucky, R. Title: Silicon Dreams: Information, Man and Machine Date: 1989 New York Publisher: Very thought-provoking! And for the price I paid in both dollars and time, this one is a bargain, too. Early in the revolution, Lucky was looking...

[Macaulay 1988]

Author: Macaulay, D. Title: The Way Things Work Date: 1988 Boston Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company I bought this book for the kids. Like many such books, I read it to them, I directed them to look through it sometimes to answer questions for themselves,...

[MacLennan 1987]

Author: MacLennan, B. Title: Principles of Programming Languages, 2nd ed. Date: 1987 New York Publisher: CBS College Publishing I put this in because I learned much from this text about how to make computers process information - and eventually, knowledge....
[Markoff 2015] Machines of Loving Grace

[Markoff 2015] Machines of Loving Grace

Author: Markoff, J. Title: Machines of Loving Grace: The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots Publisher: Harper Collins; New York, NY 2015 The kinder and gentler side of robotics is not only not as intimidating as HAL and the Terminator,...

[Marr 1982]

Author: Marr, D. Title: Vision Date: 1982 New York Publisher: W. H. Freeman The secondary title of this book is A Computational Investigation into the Human Representation and Processing of Visual Information. Marr's work is extremely influential...

[Martin, 1996]

Author: Martin, G. Title: A Game of Thrones: Book one of A Song of Ice and Fire Year: 1996 Publisher: Bantam Books, New York Materfully written - though I read this series for entertainment, not research. The point I pull from its pages reagrds...

[Martinez 2009]

Author(s): Martinez, M. Title: Learning and Cognition: The Design of the Mind Publisher: Pearson, 2009 This introduction to human learning and its application to education explores theories of knowledge, complex cognition, and human intelligence....

[Matsumoto 1983]

Author: Matsumoto, Y., H. Tanaka, H. Hirakawa, H. Miyoshi & H. Yasukawa Title: BUP: A Bottom-Up Parser Embedded in Prolog Publication: New Generation Computing Date: 1983 Publisher: At Tokyo Institute of Technology, this example of a bottom-up...

[Matsumoto 1987]

Author: Matsumoto, Y., T. Okunishi, R. Sugimura, N. Tamura, T. Kamiwaki & H. Tanaka Title: Comparison of Logic Programming Based Natural Language Parsing Systems Publication: Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Logic and Natural Language Understanding. Date:...

[Mauldin 1991]

Author: Mauldin, M. Title: Conceptual Information Retrieval: A Case Study in Adaptive Partial Parsing Date: 1991 Boston, MA Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers natural language cognition comprehension

[May 1985]

Author: May, R. Title: Logical Form: Its Structure and Derivation Date: 1985 Cambridge, MA Publisher: The MIT Press logic information/entropy
[McCarthy 1959] Programs with commonsense

[McCarthy 1959] Programs with commonsense

Author: McCarthy J Title: ‘Programs with commonsense’, in Mechanisation of Thought Processes’ Publication: Proceedings of the Symposium of National Physics Laboratory, pp 77—84, Published by: HMSO, London, 1959 One of the foundational works i...

[McChrystal 2015]

Author: McCrystal, Stanley (General); Collins, T.; Silverman, D.; Fussell, C. Title: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World Publisher: Portfolio / Penguin: New York, NY Date: 2015 This book is applicable to cybernetic modeling bec...

[McClelland 1981]

Author: McClelland, J. & D. Rumelhart Title: An interactive activation model of context effects in letter perception Publication: Psychological Review, 88, pp. 375-407 Date: 1981 Publisher: perception cognition cybernetics neural networ...

[McCreary 2014] NoSQL

Authors: McCreary, D. and Kelly, A. Title: Making Sense of NoSQL: A guide for managers and the rest of us Date: 2014 Publisher: Manning: Shelter Island Dan McCreary and Ann Kelly not only give us a helpful view into current movements in computing ...

[McCulloch 1943]

Author: McCulloch, W. & W. Pitts Title: A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity Publication: Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics, 5, pp. 115-137 Date: 1943 Publisher: neuroscience cybernetics logic

[McMillan 2012]

Author: McMillan, R. Title: Darpa Has Seen the Future of Computing … And It’s Analog Date: 2012  San Francisco, CA Publisher: Wired Magazine - Condé Nast Insightful and informative article on Analog computing and a vision for a future in whic...

[Mel'cuk 1987]

Author: Mel'cuk, I. & A. Polguere Title: A Formal Lexicon in the Meaning Text Theory (or How to Do Lexica with Words) Publication: Computational Linguistics, 13, pp. 3-4 Date: 1987 Publisher: natural language lexicography linguistic stra...
[Menyuk 1988]

[Menyuk 1988]

Author: Menyuk, P. Title: Language Development, Knowledge and Use Date: 1988 Boston Publisher: Scott, Foresman & Co. This is my favorite text on language acquisition. If I wanted my computer to learn to speak, I'd have her read this book first. natural...

[Merker 2015]

Author: Merker, Dr. Stephanie Title: Inhibitory synapses influence signals in the brain with high precision Publication: in Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence (Martinsried site) Date: 2015, Munich, Germany [email protected] ...

[Michalski 1986]

Author: Michalski, R. & P. Winston Title: Variable Precision Logic Publication: Artificial Intelligence 29:2 pp. 121-146 Date: 1986 North-Holland Publisher: Elsevier This article deals with reasoning with incomplete information and computational...

[Miller 1976]

Author: Miller, G. & P. Johnson-Laird Title: Language and Perception Date: 1976 Cambridge, MA Publisher: Harvard University Press This one is also on my list of ought-to-read books on the psychology of language and cognition. natural languag...

[Minsky 1968]

Author: Minsky, M. Title: Semantic Information Processing Date: 1968 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press This is a standard, in my arsenal of texts, for foundations in computational semantics. cybernetics semantics comprehension
[Minsky 1969]

[Minsky 1969]

Author: Minsky, M. and S. Papert Title: Perceptrons Date: 1969 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press One of the key works in the early years of the age of neurocomputing. Because of the challenges it presented to neural network theory, it precipitated...

[Minsky 1975]

Author: Minsky, M. Title: A Framework for Representing Knowledge Publication: in Winston (Ed.), The Psychology of Computer Vision Date: 1975 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill Marvin Minsky is one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence....

[Minsky 1986]

Author: Minsky, M. Title: The Society of the Mind Date: 1986 New York Publisher: Simon & Schuster In the Information Week review of this book, Isaac Asimov says, "270 brilliantly original essays on ... how the mind works." The material is good...

[Mitrović 1998]

Author: Mitrović, A. Title: "Experiences in Implementing Constraint-Based Modeling in SQL-Tutor" Publication: International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems  : 1998 Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science  book series (LNCS, volume...

[Montgomery 1989]

Author: Montgomery, G. Title: Molecules of Memory Publication: Discovery Magazine, 10, No. 12, pp. 46-55 Date: 1989 memory cognition knowledge

[Moses et al BC]

Authors: Moses et al. Title: The Holy Bible Publisher: Multiple Year: From the beginning A repository of reference-worthy information and valuable phrases, as well as a guide for living.

[Mountcastle 1978]

Author(s): Mountcastle, V. Title: "An Organizing Principle for Cerebral Function: The Unit Model and the Distributed System" Publication: in The Mindful Brain (Gerald M. Edelman and Vernon B. Mountcastle, eds.) Publisher: MIT Press, Cambridge, ...
[Muehlhauser 2013]

[Muehlhauser 2013]

Author: Muehlhauser, Luke Title:  Facing the Intelligence Explosion   eBook Publisher: Machine Intelligence Research Institute, 2013 While some balk at the idea of machines ever exhibiting human-like intelligence, Luke Muehlhauser (2013) pro...

[Nadel 1989]

Author: Nadel, L., L. Cooper, R. Harnish & P. Culicover (Eds.) Title: Neural Connections and Mental Computation Date: 1989 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press A great collection of works spanning the cognitive science and modeling spheres. neural...

[Nagel 1986]

Author: Nagel, T. Title: The View From Nowhere Date: 1986 Oxford, England Publisher: Oxford University Press Nagel explores mind and philosophy, observation and science, as they apply to a very real universe. philosophy psychology

[Nathanson 1989]

Author: Nathanson, J. & P. Greengard Title: Second Messengers in the Brain Publication: in Llinás (Ed.), The Biology of the Brain, pp. 34-52 Date: 1989 New York Publisher: neurons neuroscience brain physiology

[Negroponte 1995]

Author: Negroponte, N. Title: Being Digital Date: 1995 New York, NY Publisher: Vintage Books Read this and see the future. cybernetics knowledge information/entropy

[Newell 1962]

Author: Newell, A. Title: Some Problems of Basic Organization in Problem Solving Programs Publication: in Yovits, et. al. (Eds.), Self-Organizing Systems, p. 393 Date: 1962 Washington, D.C. Publisher: Spartan Books neural networks learning c...

[Nguyen 2006]

Author(s): Nguyen, H. T., Walker, E. A., Title: A First Course in Fuzzy Logic, 3rd edition Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC, London,  2006

[Nilsson 1982]

Author: Nilsson, N. Title: Principles of Artificial Intelligence Date: 1982 Los Altos, CA Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Nilsson looks at AI from a heuristic and algorithmic perspective. Good for developing a practical basis in AI. AI programming c...

[Nirenburg 1987]

Author: Nirenburg, S. Title: Machine Translation Date: 1987 England Publisher: Cambridge University Press Sergei Nirenburg commands a great deal of respect in the machine-translation community. This field is interesting because, despite the fact that...

[Niven 1974]

Author: Niven, L. & J. Pournelle Title: The Mote in God's Eye Date: 1974 New York Publisher: Pocket Books This book explores concepts of evolution and makes a few interesting points: 1) Technology can be used to benefit a population, but if it...

[Nolte 1981]

Author: Nolte, J. Title: The Human Brain Date: 1981 St. Louis, MO Publisher: Mosby neuroscience brain physiology neurons

[O'Keefe 1989]

Author: O'Keefe, J. Title: Computations the Hippocampus Might Perform Publication: in Nadel, et. al. (Eds.), Neural Connections and Mental Computation Date: 1989 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press neuroscience brain physiology context cogni...

[O'Leary 1987]

Author: O'Leary, D. & G. Stewart Title: From Determinacy to Systaltic Arrays Publication: IEEE Transactions on Computers: C-36/11 Date: 1987 Publisher: parallel computing algorithms system engineering

[Obermeier 1988]

Author: Obermeier, K. Title: Side by Side Publication: Byte Magazine: 13, No. 12 Date: 1988 Publisher: Here is a good accessible article that gives an overview of parallel computing. parallel computing algorithms

[Okunishi 1987]

Author: Okunishi, T., R. Sugimura, Y. Matsumoto, N. Tamura, T. Kamiwaki & H. Tanaka Title: Comparison of Logic Programming Based Natural Language Parsing Systems Publication: Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Logic and Natural Language Understanding,...

[Olofsson 2005]

Authors: Olofsson, P. and Andersson, M. Title: Probability, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes Year: 2012 Publisher: Wiley-Interscience, New York Good practical reference for learning to collect, analyze, and characterize data in defined domains...

[Orfali 1996]

Author: Orfali, R., D. Harkey & J. Edwards Title: The Essential Distributed Objects Survival Guide Date: 1996 New York, NY Publisher: Jon Wiley & Sons objects

[Palladino 1999]

Author(s): Palladino, L. Title: Dreamers Discoveres and Dynamos (Formerly titled The Edison Trait ) Publisher: Ballantine Books, New York 1999 Dr. Palladino observed how sometimes the brightest of young people have a hard time in the antiseptic ...

[Panksepp 1998]

Author: Panksepp, J Title: Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions Publisher: Oxford university Press, New York Year: 1998 Emotions have often been given less attention or considered to be less important in cognition....

[Pansky 1988]

Author: Pansky, B, D. Allen & G. C. Budd Title: Review of Neuroscience, 2nd ed. Date: 1988 New York Publisher: Macmillan This book contains one of the best collections of illustrations on the physiology and functional structure of the brain I've...

[Pao 1989]

Author: Pao, Y. Title: Adaptive Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks Date: 1989 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley Very technical. Very complete. neural networks pattern recognition cybernetics AI programming algorithms learning

[Papert 1980]

Author: Papert, S. Title: Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas Date: 1980 New York Publisher: Basic Books cognition cybernetics psychology

[Pereira 1986]

Author: Pereira, F. & D. Warren Title: Definite Clause Grammar for Language Analysis Publication: in Grosz, et. al. (Eds.), Readings in Natural Language Processing, pp. 101-124 Date: 1986 Los Altos, CA Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann The secondary...

[Peters 1991]

Author: Peters, A., S. Palay & H. Webster (Eds.) Title: The Fine Structure of the Nervous System Date: 1991 New York Publisher: Oxford brain physiology cognition neurons

[Pickover 1990]

Author: Pickover, C. Title: Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty: Graphics from an Unseen World Date: 1990 New York, NY Publisher: St. Martin's Press Solving the problems of automating complex brain tasks requires analysis - essay, but to get to...

[Pinker 1984]

Author: Pinker, S. Title: Language Learnability and Language Development Date: 1984 Cambridge, MA Publisher: Harvard University Press Pinker is a cognitivist, one in whose steps I follow. His cognitive "paradigms" model serve as a basis for some...
[Pinker 1999]

[Pinker 1999]

Author: Pinker, S. Title: Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language Publisher:Harper-Collins - New York Date: 1999 (Harper Perennial Edition, 2011) Thanks to the MIT Psymorgs (Psychology of Morpholoy Group) we have a body of research on...

[Plato 1952 (2)]

Author: Plato Title: Theaetetus Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton The relationships between perception and knowledge are treated in a philosophical discussion between Socrates and friends....

[Plato 1952]

Author: Plato Title: The Dialogues of Plato - translated by B. Jowett Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton Plato's reasoning, though based on insufficient scientific information and poorer...

[Prerau 1990]

Author: Prerau, D. Title: Developing and Managing Expert Systems: Proven Techniques for Business and Industry Date: 1990 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley AI programming cybernetics fuzzy logic modeling expert systems

[Pylyshyn 1984]

Author: Pylyshyn, Z. Title: Computation and Cognition Date: 1984 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press Here is an excellent work in the foundations of cognitive science that provides a good contrast to the connectionist model. cognition cybernetics knowledge...

[Ranka 1988]

Author: Ranka, S., W. Youngju & S. Sahni Title: Programming a Hypercube Multicomputer Publication: IEEE Software Magazine, 5, No. 5 Date: 1988 Publisher: parallel computing computing

[Robbins 2014]

Author(s): Robbins, S. Title: Collapsing the Singularity: Bergson, Gibson and the Mythologies of Artificial Intelligence Publisher: CreateSpace, North Charleston, SC  2014 Robbins also wrote Time and Memory: A Primer on the Scientific Mysticism ...

[Robinson 2010]

Author: Marilynne Robinson Title: ABSENCE OF MIND:  The Dispelling of Inwardness From the Modern Myth of the Self Publisher: Yale Date: 2010; London / New Haven I looked into this in my search for a universal theory of knowledge and u...

[Robson 1981]

Author: Robson, D. Title: Object-Oriented Software Systems Publication: Byte Magazine, August, 1981 Date: 1981 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill This article is a good layman's guide to object-oriented software system principles. It came along early...

[Rochat 2003]

Author: Philippe Rochat Title: "Five levels of self-awareness as they unfold early in life" Date: 27 February 2003 Publisher: Elsevier, Utrecht, NL Rochat posits a sequence of steps in a child's development of self-consciousness. "The poet...

[Rosenblatt 1958]

Author: Rosenblatt, F. Title: The Perceptron: A Probabilistic Model for Information Storage & Organization in the Brain Publication: Psychological Review, 65, pp. 386-408 Date: 1958 Publisher: This is a banner monograph on what became one of...

[Rosenthal 1977]

Author: Rosenthal, J. Title: The Neuropsychopathology of Written Language Date: 1977 Chicago Publisher: Nelson-Hall Here's a long title for only four capital letters. natural language

[Roshen 2009]

Author: Roshen, W Title: SOA-Based Enterprise Integration: A Step-by-Step Guide to Service-Based Integration Date: 2009 Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York This study has been important to me not only in my work as an Enterprise IT Architect but in progressing...

[Rumelhart 1986]

Author: Rumelhart, D., J. McClelland & the PDP Research Group Title: Parallel Distributed Processsing: Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition, Vols. 1 and 2 Date: 1986 Cambridge, MA Publisher: MIT Press The PDP working group presented...

[Samit 2015]

Author: Samit, Jay (with forward by Reid Hoffman) Title: Disrupt You: Master personal transformation, seize opportunity and thrive in the era of endless innovation Date: 2015, New York Publisher: Flatiron Books This book is geared toward the individual...

[Sanders 1988]

Author: Sanders, G. Title: Zero Derivation and the Overt Analogue Criterion Publication: in Hammond & Noonan (Eds.), Theoretical Morphology, pp. 155-175 Date: 1988 Publisher: natural language words/morphology linguistic strata

[Saussure 1974]

Author(s): Saussure, Ferdinand de (1916) Title: Course in General Linguistics  (translated by Wade Baskin) Date: 1974 Publisher: Fontana/Collins, London Langue et Parole (competence and performance) and form vs. substance are key themes in ...

[Schank 1972]

Author: Schank, R. Title: Conceptual Dependency: A Theory of Natural Language Understanding Publication: Cognitive Psychology, 3, pp. 552-631 Date: 1972 Publisher: The importance of real-world knowledge in interpretation of language is underscored...

[Schank 1973]

Author: Schank, R. & K. Colby (Eds.) Title: Computer Models of Thought and Language Date: 1973 New York Publisher: W. H. Freeman cybernetics natural language AI programming

[Schank 1976]

Author: Schank, R. Title: The Role of Memory in Language Processing Publication: in Cofer (Ed.), The Structure of Human Memory Date: 1976 San Francisco Publisher: W.H. Freeman Provides a good overview of current research in the physiology of rem...

[Schank 1986]

Author: Schank, R. Title: Language and Memory Publication: in Grosz, et. al. (Eds.), Readings in Natural Language Processing, pp. 171-191 Date: 1986 Los Altos, CA Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers An important work in understanding the conceptual...

[Schroeder 1991]

Author: Schroeder, M. Title: Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws: Minutes from an Infinite Paradise Date: 1991 New York Publisher: W. H. Freeman & Co. Schroeder has an impressive resume, but his work speaks for itself. If you are a cognitive scientist,...

[Scoble 2014] Age of Context

Authors: Scoble, R. & S. Israel Title: The Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy Date: 2014 Publisher: Patrick Brewster Press A very timely discussion of the impacts of the important impacts of mobile and social media, a...

[Scott 1976] Type Lattices

Author: Scott, D. Title: Data Types as Lattices Publication: SIAM Journal of Computing: Philadelphia, PA, USA Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Date: September, 1976 Dana Scott connects semantic theory (including structured ...

[Scott 1995]

Author: Scott, A. Title: Stairway to the Mind Date: 1995 New York, NY Publisher: Copernicus Thought-provoking analyses of consciousness and its implications. cognition
[Searle 1980]

[Searle 1980]

Author: Searle, John. R. Title: Minds, brains, and programs Publication: Behavioral and Brain Sciences Journal 3 (3): 1980 pp. 417-457 Publisher: Cambridge Journals, UK This paper is about intentionality, and how humans can act with clear ...

[Seely Brown 1989]

Author: Seely Brown, J., A. Collins & P. Duguid Title: Situated Cognition and the Culture of Learning Publication: Educational Researcher, 17, No. 1, pp. 32-42 Date: 1989 Publisher: From the hippocampus to the elementary schoolhouse, I find context...

[Selfridge 1958]

Author: Selfridge, O. Title: Pandemonium: A Paradigm for Learning Publication: "Mechanisation of Thought Processes." Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the National Physical Laboratory. Date: 1958 chaos learning cybernetics

[Shortliffe 1976]

Author: Shortliffe, E. Title: MYCIN: Computer-Based Medical Consultations Date: 1976 New York Publisher: Elsevier MYCIN is probably the best known expert system for medical consultations in existence at press time (with the possible exception of R1)....

[Singh 1966]

Author: Singh, J. Title: Great Ideas in Information Theory, Language and Cybernetics Date: 1966 New York Publisher: Dover For an old book, this broad-brush overview of some of the salient problems in cybernetics is very insightful and full of useful...
[Singh 2004] Computing commonsense

[Singh 2004] Computing commonsense

Authors: Singh, P.; M. Minsky and I. Eslick Title: Computing commonsense ( ) Publication: BT Technology Journal, Vol. 24 p.201 Publisher: MIT Media Labs, 2004 Abstract How can ...

[Skinner 1971]

Author: Skinner, B. Title: Beyond Freedom and Dignity Date: 1971 New York Publisher: Knopf B. F. Skinner - behaviorself. cognition philosophy learning

[Slagle 1963]

Author: Slagle, J. Title: A Heuristic Program That Solves Symbolic Integration Problems in Freshman Calculus Publication: in Feigenbaum & Feldman (Eds.), Computers and Thought Date: 1963 Publisher: Dr. Slagle's work in artificial intelligence...

[Slagle 1971]

Author: Slagle, J. Title: Artificial Intelligence: The Heuristic Programming Approach Date: 1971 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill AI programming cybernetics expert systems

[Slocum 1985]

Author: Slocum, J. & A. Aristar Title: The Treatment of Grammatical Categories and Word Order in MT Date: 1985 Austin, TX Publisher: MCC TR AI-015-85 natural language syntax linguistic strata

[Small 1980]

Author: Small, S. Title: Word Expert Parsing: A Theory of Distributed Word-Based Natural Language Understanding Date: 1980 Maryland Publisher: TR-954 Sep natural language automata AI programming

[Soames 1979]

Author: Soames, S. & D. Perlmutter Title: Syntactic Argumentation and the Structure of English Date: 1979 Berkeley Publisher: Univ. of California Press natural language syntax linguistic strata

[Sootin 1958]

Author: Sootin, H. Title: Gregor Mendel: Father of the Science of Genetics Date: 1958 Publisher: Vanguard Genetic algorithms use the principles attributed to Mendel. I wanted to find out what made him tick. genetics

[Sowa 1984]

Author: Sowa, J. Title: Conceptual Structures: Information Processing in Mind and Machine Date: 1984 Reading, MA John Sowa presents the conceptual graph as a knowledge representation scheme for artificial intelligence applications. A conceptual graph...

[Sprague 1986]

Author: Sprague, R. & H. Watson (Eds.) Title: Decision Support Systems: Putting Theory into Practice Date: 1986 Englewood Cliffs, NJ Publisher: Prentice-Hall This collection of experiences and observations gives a good overview of the state of...

[Squire 1987]

Author: Squire, L. Title: Memory and Brain Date: 1987 New York Publisher: Oxford University Press A physiological perspective. Very worthwhile. memory brain physiology neuroscience

[St. Augustine 1952]

Author: St. Augustine Title: Confessions - translated by Edward Bouverie Pusey Publication: in Great Books of the Western World Date: 1952 Chicago Publisher: William Benton This book has a potpourri of commentary on the human condition out of which...

[Stapp 1993]

Author: Stapp, H. Title: Mind, Matter, and Quantum Mechanics Date: 1993 New York, NY Publisher: Springer-Verlag Is there a connection between the chaotic patterns of electrical flow in the brain and Quantum Mechanics? Look inside... physics

[Steinert 1988]

Author: Steinert, P & D. Roop Title: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Intermediate Filaments Publication: Annual Review of Biochemistry, 57, pp. 593-625 Date: 1988 Publisher: Intermediate filaments, described in Volume 2, possess a physical...

[Stemberger 1988]

Author: Stemberger, J. & B. MacWhinney Title: Are Inflected Forms Stored in the Lexicon? Publication: in Hammond & Noonan (Eds.), Theoretical Morphology, pp. 101-116 Date: 1988 Publisher: natural language lexicography words/morphology...

[Stevens 1988]

Author: Stevens, J, J. Trogadis & J. R. Jacobs Title: Development and Control of Axial Neurite Form: A Serial Electron Microscopic Analysis Publication: Neurology and Neurobiology, 37, pp. 115-145 Date: 1988 Publisher: This (and other works by...

[Stevens 1989]

Author: Stevens, C. Title: The Neuron Publication: in Llinás (Ed.), The Biology of the Brain, pp. 1-19 Date: 1989 New York Publisher: A fantastic, graphical introduction to the cell that sits at the center of all controversies. In fact, the neuron ...

[Stich 1996]

Author: Stich, S. Title: Deconstructing the Mind Date: 1996 Oxford, England Publisher: Oxford University Press A former eliminativist, Stephen Stich goes into depth about the arguments for and against the idea that "mind states" are components or...

[Stillings 1987]

Author: Stillings, N., M. Feinstein, J. Garfield, E. Rissland, D. Rosenbaum, S. Weisler & L. Baker-Ward Title: Cognitive Science: An Introduction Date: 1987 Boston, MA Publisher: MIT Press This is a good resource and introduction to the many aspects...

[Stone 1987]

Author: Stone, H. Title: High-Performance Computer Architecture Date: 1987 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley There was a time when parallel computing got more attention than it does today. But the opportunity is still enormous to find better...

[Suchman 1987]

Author: Suchman, L. Title: Plans and Situated Actions Date: 1987 Cambridge, England Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press Though we have flexible cognitive capabilities that permit us to invent a response to each situation in which we find ourselves,...

[Swaine 1988]

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Author: Tanimoto, S. Title: The Elements of Artificial Intelligence Date: 1987 Rockville, MD Publisher: Computer Science Press Get this book if you want to not only learn LISP, but also do something productive with it after you know it. AI pr...

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Author: Thompson, B. & B. Thompson Title: Overturning the Category Bucket Publication: Byte 16, No. 1 Date: 1991 Publisher: Bill and Bev Thompson are the founders of Knowledge Garden and primary developers of the KnowledgePro and KnowledgeMaker...

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Author: Valiant, L. Title: Circuits of the Mind Date: 1994 New York, NY Publisher: Oxford University Press Valiant brings in new knowledge and synthesizes some great ideas on memory and learning, and objects and relations. AI programming cybernetics...

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Author: von Neumann, J. Title: The Computer and the Brain Date: 1958 New Haven Publisher: Yale University Press Introducing the von Neumann machine - the standard for modeling of cognitive activities for decades. cybernetics cognition aut...


Author: Waltz, D. Title: Understanding Line Drawings of Scenes With Shadow Publication: in Winston (Ed.), The Psychology of Computer Vision Date: 1975 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill Waltz's work has propelled the field of scene analysis out...

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Author, Wierzbicka, Anna Title: Semantics: Primes and Universals Publisher and Date: Oxford University Press  1996 Primary work in semantic primitives as a foundation of natural semantic metalanguage’ (NSM) theory.

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Author: Winston, P. (Ed.) Title: The Psychology of Computer Vision Date: 1975 New York Publisher: McGraw-Hill This text ties psychological principles into computer modeling quite well. The linkages Winston makes are more or less generalizable...

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Author: Winston, P. Title: Artificial Intelligence Date: 1984 Reading, MA Publisher: Addison-Wesley This was one of the first textbooks in my formal study of AI. It is a good introduction for anyone who wants to find out what AI is about. Some...

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Author: Zechmeister, E. & S. Nyberg Title: Human Memory Date: 1982 Monterey, CA Publisher: Brooks/Cole The title is not too big for the book. The authors look at a huge body of scientific work in the area of human memory, and the discussion is...

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